Hello again,
Our site is slowly becoming an Oceans II communications and information web site. The little bit of effort so far has attracted thousands of interesting people from all over the world. Custom web sites can cost a whole lot of money and will not get the equivalent response. Moreover, most outsourced customization is limited to specific styles and limited options.

I continue to set this one up for US all to use. OUR very own Oceans 2 website, that WE all can participate within. Timely updates, calendar of events, dynamic blog, map of our location, and vital Oceans II rental information literally at your fingertips.

In this stage of production, WE continue turning identified requirements into a synthetic reality. YOU are in control of OUR site. The software is WordPress; the host is GoDaddy; the plugins and style are in flux; and nothing is outsourced (it’s made in America). As it grows, volunteers or trusted owner interaction can manage the site. But it is all OURS. And if this theme does not work for us, it can be changed.

The result will be as awesome as all of you are!

Please blog what you would like to see; and I will provide the best way to share OUR information, events, pictures, etc interactively. It is NOT another Facebook page. It is “We are the Oceans II” site. It will be more secure and have specific information open to the public.

I have added a Yard Sale blog category and calendar page. Any events added must presently go through the contact us page.

An animated “google” map of our location [plugin] was added.

I have found a way of showing off our tiny homes in a slick slider. So, with all that said, I also want to add all of our homes in a “gallery”. I will provide a menu driven hierarchy of pictures [maybe a video walk though], descriptions, and rental information [maybe a calendar] with links to each owners booking [reservation] site or sites.  Mine will be the first.

There are many talented people in our village Everyone contributes to our pursuit of happiness. Being right on the beach at 40th Street is a dream come true for all of us.

I would like to add a Video gallery for Bobby (he takes awesome videos of the beach and board walk almost daily); and, as I mention awesome, Martha needs a Pictures gallery to share her historical database of Oceans 2.

Thanks to our association president, information has been updated periodically. It is wonderful that so many people like her writing too.

Thanks to Caroline who maintains the secure site that hosts important documents and information used to vet prior owner registration.

The stuff we write on this site is copyrighted and is registered. Others should also copyright their material.

I will also start filtering out “spam” [various plugins being tested]

Thank all of the wonderful bloggers that have added to the content of our site. It takes many years to not only develop a large vocabulary, correct spelling, and sentence structure but also, architect systems to integrate ubiquitous human to machine transfer of meaningful information to people worldwide.

Please continue to test the site and provide feedback. The information you provide is invaluable to a well designed site.

If you need help, I am at  getwrightnow@gmail.com

You need a vacation! We provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with the ocean that has a most beautiful way of reviving the spirit.

Thanks in advance for your participation and kind words – Steve

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