Dear Home Owners,
We are going through some very positive and exciting changes at Oceans II and I wanted to keep all of you updated.
1. NEW MANAGEMENT COMPANY – Because of endless problems we have had with UPA, the board has opted to change our management company to COMMUNITY FIRST MANAGEMENT. Very soon you will be receiving a letter of introduction from them giving you specific contact numbers and what is happening. We feel that not only will we be given better over site but will also be able to cut many of our costs.
CONDO FEE – It is likely you will not get new coupon books by the time the April payments are due. Please send you payments to:
3061 Brickhouse Ct., #109
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
2. PAINTING – Yes, we are actually getting the building painted. We are doing this in small sections at a time. Next you will be seeing the trim being painted. The color selected is a bluish gray (similar to the trim on the front of EAT right now). We will continue to paint the walls. They just look so amazing. Thanks Mike Bosquet.
3. NEW FRONT GATE – Yes we will have a beautiful new front gate and arbor going to our front lawn. A new concrete pad has been poured and as soon as they are finished painting the trim in the front, we will be able to get it put up. Then the city will come in and plant the new trees where they were removed because of scale. Thanks Gary Cole.
4. YOUR OWN AREA – We realize that many of us still have brown doors and trim and that is fine for now but as we go forward, you may want to consider doing your trim in white. A REMIDNER: You are responsible for keeping the painting on your balconies painted. We do have paint available so all the colors and type of paint will be consistent. See Tom Davis if you need assistance. Also, if you are unable to do your own balconies, we have some names of people who can be hired for a very reasonable fee. If you have any major repair issues with your dividing walls, contact me as we are trying to make repairs rather than replace the dividers.
5. ATTORNEY –Jeanne Lauer is now our attorney. She is with the law firm Inman and Strickler. They specialize in condo law and will be able to assist us in all aspects of our legal needs.
6. BUILDING RENOVATIONS – We continue to work with Sussex Development to make many of our structural repairs. The support angle in front of #101 is currently being replaced and there are others that may need work done in the near future. We are still trying to pursue REPAIRING when we can as opposed to replacing. However, our long term plan will continue to make changes. We are still working on the proper soffit repairs. In the mean time, be sure not to paint your soffit to totally seal it. This may cause moisture backup into your unit.
7. ROOF – For now, we are able to have Centimark continue to monitor the roof and do any preventative maintenance with the hopes of stretching the life span to the year 2025. At that time, there should be money in the reserves to do any replacement.
8. COX – Don’t forget to get your Mini Box at COX IF you do not have one of the big boxes. You will need these by the first of May in order to get reception. When you contact COX, be sure to tell them you are on a bulk account with Oceans II.
This e mail is for clarification regarding the Cox Communication upcoming digital services. Although Oceans II condominiums are a bulk services account each unit owner is responsible for obtaining their own DTA mini box. If you have a digital box a DTA mini box is not required. Each unit will be provided one box and it is free for the first year, each additional box is $2.99 each per month. You can pick up a box from any Cox Solutions store or call Cox Communications at 222-1111 to order one to be shipped to you. If the representative tells you that you cannot order one since you are in a bulk community ask to speak to a supervisor, they are aware that you can do this.
You will need a digital box or a DTA mini box before May or the screen will be completely black and you will have no service. Our account number is 0015410 112251601
9. If you know of any NEW OWNERS who have not updated our web site with their information such as names, addresses, phone and email (only if they are OK with posting it), please be sure they contact me and we will have Carol (thanks Carol for continuing to keep our web site updated) add it to the Resident list.
10. EMAIL – We would like to communicate some of our changes and updates via email including meeting notification. We realize that some people don’t have email and will continue to send via mail.
11. ANNUAL OWNERS MEETING – Saturday May 7, 2016 at 10:00. This will be held at Community First Management over near Lynhaven. Your will be given the exact address but SAVE THE DATE.
****Weather permitting, we can have an informal Mix and Mingle and Meet new owners and renew old acquaintances on the front lawn after the meeting. It will be informal with just Hot Dogs and Chips and BYO Drinks. This does not replace our 3rd annual picnic which will take place in June – Date to be announced..
12. ELECTIONS – Very soon you will be sent a form to complete and return if you would like to run for the board. There are 6 positions that will be up for election. So if you want a say in how things are being done at Oceans II, consider running for the board. It takes some time but it is an important part of going forward.
13. LANDSCAPING – We are fortunate to have several of our owners who have volunteered to plant our flowers this year. Thanks to Susie Bosquet, Lisa Sinabaldi and Anne Eberly. We are excited to have our planters all looking great.
14. FITNESS PARK – As you know, with the help of many people, we were able to defeat having the Hillier Fitness Park from being in front of our building and the Holiday Inn. It still may go in at about 36th St. but it was amazing that we were able to prevent this from going in at the very North End. BUT it “ain’t over yet”. We now have the battle to fight to prevent the boardwalk extension from going in front of our building. We will keep you posted but again, we are united with the North End residents in fighting in. Valerie Jones from Oceans has been a truly invaluable resource. We look forward to our continuing relationship with the North End Community.
********Thanks to the expertise of the many different people on the board and of several of the condo owners, we continue to move forward to make Oceans II a place we are proud to own. We welcome all of our new neighbors and look forward to having them as part of our Oceans II family. If you have any special talents that will help with improvements, let us know.
********We will continue to keep you posted about the changes and look forward to your continued support. We have a great community and when everyone lends a hand, it makes everything so much better.
********See you at the Annual Meeting on the 7th of May.

Peggy Jarman, President

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